It is in our very special tracking readers where most of the Magic takes place. Ours are not conventional RFID readers. They are capable not only of performing all Gen2 commands and so operate like a standard RFID reader, but also have a number of unique capabilities, for example:

  1. They implement our patent-protected distraction mechanism that boosts the performance and reliability of the RFID tags within range by keeping them "alive" and responding at all times. This is how we achieve incredible response times and 100% reliability.
  2. Our readers synchronise with all other neighbouring readers to ensure that all RFID tags are efficiently read and to keep electromagnetic pollution at its minimum possible.
  3. Can be adapted to countless rails (up to 6 meters), shelves and other displays.
  4. Our readers communicate with each other over the existing UHF RFID interface and therefore do not need WiFi or any other type of connection with the store infrastructure – it suffices to connect any one reader to the network.
  5. Our readers are capable of emitting ultrasound to communicate with apps in the mobile phones of nearby customers or staff, enabling a unique “ad-hoc” link and interactive applications that bring the shopping experience to a whole new level.

An the good news is … that our tracking readers are not expensive at all! In fact, they are much cheaper than most hand-held RFID readers on the market!