Magic enables an unprecedented number of Use Cases within the fashion retail environment, with benefits for both retailers and consumers. These fall in four groups:

  1. Perpetual inventory or “live” stock control, where retailers and consumers know what is in the store or backroom at all times, with 100% reliability and an update time of less than one second.
  2. Unique security applications, where removed items are detected immediately, allowing cross-referencing with video surveillance systems and enabling other novel security systems.
  3. Exciting customer applications that make use of the customers’ mobile phones through Magic-enabled apps that detect customer selections while they shop.
  4. Collection of statistics on individual customer selections in store and beyond, enabling an unprecedented level of personalised customer service.

Use Cases

  1. Ad-hoc information about products of interest to in-store customers in an automatic, user-friendly manner.
  2. Learning what customers are attracted by, or are looking for, before the store staff approach them, and helping staff to identify the best time and approach.
  3. Supporting the selling process, for example by suggesting similar or complementary products, potentially using customers’ online as well as in-store behaviour to inform this, and helping customers or staff to find these products both online or within the store.
  4. Enabling in-store one-click shopping and walking using online payment systems.
  5. Supporting additional App functionality, for example magic mirrors where customers use their mobile devices to see how a selected item would fit.
  6. Allowing customers to share their in-store finds through social media.
  7. Streamlining in-store staff support, for example by allowing customers to request a specific item or size whilst in the store or in the changing room.
  8. Enabling magic mirrors in the changing rooms which could suggest similar or complementary items based on customer behaviour online or while in the store.
  9. Ensuring total real-time stock control so the right product is at the right place at the right time.
  10. Enabling both traditional and novel security applications, for example the intelligent detection of shoplifting patterns.
  11. Collecting reliable and accurate statistics on customer preferences and conversion rates at many levels (shelf, designer, room, store etc.).
  12. Shopping experience beyond the store visit by enabling post-visit reviews, targeted advertisement and purchases through online and mobile shopping.
  13. Loyalty programs where customers get benefits for browsing at the store.